Product creation

  • Range building and line plans

  • Calendar creation and bespoke product cycles

  • Create brand models and pricing architectures inline with distribution plans

  • Buy plans, spend and margin forecasting

  • Design & Product development

Strategic long-term business planning

  • Develop strategies for business growth and increased profitability

  • Asses organisational structures, develop and recruit teams

  • Business consulting and coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Brand modelling and distribution strategies

  • 'Thinking partner'

Technical Expertise

  • Advise on all aspects of the product lifecycle and supply chain from design to logistics

  • Critical Path implementation

  • Quality control and Technical solutions

  • Production Management

  • On the ground support - available to visit the supply base for trouble shooting, continuous improvement, quality control and auditing

  • Set up internal best working practices at HQ and Vendor

Sourcing and Buying

  • Creating customised sourcing strategies fit for the business

  • Source and set up vendors to launch ready

  • Implement negotiation tools and buying plans

  • Execute exit strategies where appropriate

  • Supplier KPI management

  • Generate Manufacturing Agreements, Vendor Manuals and garment testing standards

  • Training buying teams to source efficiently and effectively